About us

  • Who is the owner of Baby Jane? 


Baby Jane Shop is what happens when you take a mother, Sonika Grové who runs a daycare center and is passionate about babies and their clothing, you get a new baby and toddler clothing line!


Baby Jane is a combination of my visions, dreams and passion. The fabric, patterns, packaging ext are all handpicked by me with my main focus always on quality & uniqueness! 



  • Where does the name Baby Jane come from? 


Baby Jane comes from the word "Jane" as in this brand is for all babies. The name Baby Jane was decided one family holiday! The name “Jane” is symbolic for ALL women. Meaning ALL women and babies are pretty! 



  • What type of products do we sell?


Baby Jane Shop is a proudly South African business producing a very exclusive range of baby and toddler clothing as well as unique accessories. We strive to choose very high quality fabrics for those delicate skins. With our natural, simplistic and earthy style our collection has a bohemian type feel to it.



  • How did my child inspire Baby Jane? 


Xarah-Lea Schutte inspired the clothing line. Not only is she the inspiration behind Baby Jane, but the child of Sonika Grové. I am always looking for something different, something special for Xarah-Lea to wear. Unfortunately, there is limited options in a baby store. 



I quickly realised that it was sometimes nearly impossible to find unique , quality and pretty babywear for her. 


The solution? Open your one baby & toddler clothing store! This exclusive range of handmade baby and toddler clothing as well as unique accessories will be launched on the 30 March 2019! What a blessing it’s been. 


  • What is my dream for Baby Jane and were do I see myself in 5 years?


At the moment I am just taking my dream day by day. I would love a Baby Jane Store later on. The sky is the limit when you pour your heart & soul into something!


  • What makes our products different?


I am forever evolving. I love fashion. So by bringing you stylish, yet practical. Pretty, yet affordable. I think that makes Baby Jane different. Our unique patterns and fabrics are chosen by mothers! 


Let’s get a bit personal:


  • Superhero I connect to the most?


"Defiantly WONDER WOMAN"


"She knows her strength, she stands for something, she looks distracting, she asks a lot of questions, she doesn't take no for an answer, and she believes in love!"


  • In my handbag, you’ll always find...


“ Wet wipes. I’m a mom. Enough said.”  


  • When I’m alone in the car, I...


“Enjoy silence and eat snacks without sharing (HAHA)” 


  • Our brand in one word:




  • My most used app on my phone is...


“ Pinterest and maybe Instagram"


  • My spirit animal is ...


“ Elephant” Why??

"Even with their intimidating presence, the elephant totem can also be one of the friendliest and gentelest creatures in the world." 


Thank you for all your love so far, I am so blessed and can't wait for you to get your Pretty baby wear.


I hope you love this range as much as I do.